Friday, December 26, 2014

The ultimate success formula. there are five keys to getting anything you want in life :

know your outcome

Clarity is power! as basic as it is, being clear about exactly what you want is the first and most fundamental place you need to go to make anything better. Often, when you ask someone what they want in their lives, they start telling you what they don't want. the challenge with this thinking, however, is that where focus goes, energy goes. if you keep focusing on what you don't want, that's where your energy goes. once you are clear about what you want, your brain starts to notice and associate to the things that will help you make it happen.

Know your reasons why

Why is it a "must" for you to achieve your outcome? if something is a "should" not a "must", "you'll take action for a while, but ultimately when it starts to get tough and uncomfortable, the tendency is to give up. When you have a powerful reason why achieving your outcome is important to you, however, it gives you the drive to continue through any challenge.

Take Massive Action!

Massive action is a cure-all. Whenever you see someone who has succeeded on a massive scale - whether it's in sports, business, politics, academics, entertainment - chances are they took consisten, massive action to get where they are today. It's the old adage., "You're rewarded in public for what you practice in private.

Notice your results

You have to know what you're getting as a result of the action you're taking. In other words, are your current actions getting you closer, or further away, from the outcome you want to achieve? if you're running east looking for a sunset, it doesn't matter how committed you are. you won't get there. you have to avoid tunnel vision and make sure that what you're doing is leading you where you really want to go.

Change your approach

If you're taking action and it isn't getting you where you want to be, the last step is to change your approach accordingly. Now, how many times do you keep changing your approach? The answer, of course, is : as many times as you have to until it works.

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