Sunday, March 1, 2015

The power of kindness

It's easy, and very powerful, to be kind and courteous to those who are kind and courteous to you. yet to experience the full power of your sincere courtesy and kindness, offer them to people who are careless and rude to you.

Rudeness is nearly impossible to maintain when it is met with courtesy. Carelessness and negativity will wither in the bright light of kindness and true forgiveness.

Sure, it is difficult to bring yourself to forgive those who are hurtful to you. but the thing is, forgiveness gives you the upper hand.

The way to stop the hurt is by refusing to participate in it. To effectively help yourself, offer genuine kindness to others.

By no means should you tolerate continued abused. yet there is no good reason to perpetuate that abuse.

Be the one who is strong, who stops the negativity. put the power of kindness, courtesy and forgiveness to work for you and your world. - Ralph Marston

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